Con Con Speakers Bureau: Kremer and Figliola Featured in Newsday

Arthur ‘Jerry’ Kremer and Anthony Figliola, co-authors of Patronage, Waste, and Favoritism: A Dark History of Constitutional Conventions were recently featured in Newsday for discussing the ills of having a Constitutional Convention. This discussion took place in Melville on Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 at the Long Island Association. Jerry Kremer stated that NYS lawmakers have amended the state’s constitution 200 times in the past century, and are capable of addressing any major issues in Albany during the regular legislative session.

“The risks are too high. And I truly think there is no need for a constitutional convention” said Kremer. Anthony Figliola, Vice President of Empire Government Strategies agreed with this statement made by Kremer and stated that delegates will likely be hand-picked party leaders, rather than grass-roots activists. “It gives you another bite of the apple for anything not accomplished in the regular legislative session,” said Figliola.

To read the entire article on Newsday, click here.

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