SRI Poll: Con Con Support Drops to Another Record Low – Down 24%

Tuesday, September 5, 2017: (Uniondale, NY) – Hon. Arthur “Jerry” Kremer and Anthony M. Figliola, Co-Author’s of Patronage, Waste and Favoritism – A Dark History of Constitutional Conventions, which looks at the politics that drove past New York State constitutional conventions are commenting on today’s Siena Research Institute (“SRI”) poll on the pending November 7th vote on whether to hold a state Constitutional Convention.

SRI has recorded yet another record drop in support for a convention, which brings it down 24 percent since it’s high back in May 2016.  SRI’s poll continues to record anemic support for a con con to date: from 69 percent in favor to 45 percent (lowest ever) and 19 percent opposed to now 33 percent (2nd highest ever).

Jerry Kremer, Former Assembly Ways and Means Chairman who was in office during the 1967 Convention said, “The pro-convention groups will tell you that a convention is the best way to clean up government as if the legislature is paralyzed. It is a simple fact that during the last 100 years over 200 amendments have been made to the constitution by the legislature.”

SRI recorded the LOWEST amount of support in 7 years (since June 2010).  Support has dropped 24 percent since May 2016 as voters have become more informed on the issue.

“SRI’s latest poll continues to prove our point, that support for a Con Con is in free fall.  Not surprisingly, voters once are informed on the Con Con, realize it will only benefit the politically connected, while hurting our schools, eliminate important services for the needy, take away valuable parkland, reduce local control and open up critical protected lands for commercial purposes,” stated Anthony M. Figliola, Co-Author of Patronage, Waste and Favoritism – A Dark History of Constitutional Conventions.

The poll clearly shows that the more voters learn about what a Con Con really is, they are against it.

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